About Us

Tangeau develops fun, educational, and professional software, and information technology (IT) tools. We have a lot of experience working in various areas of IT, including data modeling, spreadsheet analysis, presentation technologies, computer programming and graphic design.

Our goal is to combine what we know to deliver tools to help you relax, learn, and have fun.

Say Our Name

It may not look like it, but our name is fairly easy to pronounce. Basically, all you have to say is Tan then Joe. And with that combination, you get Tangeau. That is all to it. Nothing more to say, other than, we just love the name.

The Brand

There are only a few variations of our brand. If you plan on using our brand in any presentation or pitch book, it is suggested you follow the guidelines presented here.

Our Legal Notices

The List

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If emailing us does not work for you, feel free to send us mail.

365 West 125th Street #835
New York, NY 10027-9555