SpinDip Match

SpinDip Match is a fun, challenging, and stimulating matching game.


Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher or compatible. Note: You must enable macros to play this game. See below for more details.

Mobile Play

With Office 365, you may be able to play SpinDip Match on your mobile device. Keep in mind, we did not test SpinDip Match on Office 365, yet.

Download SpinDip Match. It is free!


Game Play

Before playing SpinDip for the first time, you may need to enable macros in Excel. After that, just click New Game, and start playing.

Enable Macros

Click Enable Content to play SpinDip Match.

Depending on your settings, you may not have to enable macros, and you can just start playing the game.

The Goodies

In order to win at SpinDip Match, you must match the goodies. You never know which goodies will appear in each level. The only level that contains all the goodies is the final level. And, the final level is a beast.

5 Levels, 4 Bonus Rounds

The bonus rounds are easy. However, once completed, each bonus round is combined with the next level.


As you noticed, the circular faces vary in size. However, that does not change the concept of the game. You still have to make matches. In SpinDip Match, you can match smaller circles with bigger circles. You never know which two pieces will yield a match.

As a bonus though, if you match two faces of the same size and color, you get extra points, which goes into effect after level 1.


Move Points
Single pick 100
Match 250
Consecutive match 250 multiplied by level number (accumulative)
Same size and color match 300 multiplied by level number (after level 2)
Missed match -25
Consecutive misses -25 (Compounded)
Level change 5000
Game completion 10000

From one match, it is possible to score 700+ points, and forget about including possible multiple matches.

In level 5, missed matches will eat your score up.

Note: These scoring rules are subject to change without notice.


If you have any issues, comments, or questions regarding SpinDip Match, please send us a message.
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Download SpinDip Match. It is free!